At Cueter Chrysler Dodge Jeep we realize that our best form of advertising is you, our satisfied body of customers! Realizing this, we have developed a program to thank you for sharing your positive experiences with others and recommending us to them. Our commitment is to treat your referrals with the same level of respect and dedication to satisfaction we gave you.

The sales staff at Cueter Chrysler Dodge Jeep is excited about having you endorse or "Hunt" for us with your friends and family, and we are committed to making your "Hunting" season as fun and rewarding as you hope it will be.

Just think, successfully referring a couple of "Birds" (friends, family, co-workers) per month and you could receive $3225 or more (depending on the pay scale) per year as our way of saying,"Thank You" !   What would 4 "Birds" per month reward you? You won't believe the possibilities!

Just click the "Start Hunting" button below and you will see how easy it is!

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